Looking for Business Simulations to add to your portfolio?

Your clients will thank you for introducing them to ROCKET.

Looking for Business Simulations to add to your portfolio?

Your clients will thank you for introducing them to ROCKET.

Deploy Powerful Simulation Games with your clients

Why ROCKET gives you the advantage…

  • Adaptable platform

    Transform, educate and drive success. The platform is designed to drive your client’s outcomes.

  • Fantastic margin

    Our wholsesale pricing model allows for an 80% margin. You can charge per game or just integrate ROCKET into your programme pricing.

  • Fast

    Unlike any of our competitors, you can be deliverying our corporate online games within days.

  • Win new clients

    People that play ROCKET buy it.

  • Unique Selling Proposition

    Bring a different value proposition to your clients and separate your company from the madding crowd.

  • Sub-licensing

    Scaling is never a problem – your larger clients can roll it out for themselves.

  • End-to-end value proposition

    Understand client issues, play ROCKET, map simulated issues into the real world and create immediate improvements.

  • Build revenues

    ROCKET identifies lots of needs within organizations – this will help identify them and allow you to upsell more services.

The Serious Games Market

The Serious Games market is set be a global phenomenon and is predicted to grow to $25 Billion by 2024.


This is a great time to get in early, win new clients and demonstrate to your existing clients that you are at the cutting edge of transformation and learning.

And it’s so easy too…

3 Simple Steps to becoming a Delivery Partner

1. Experience ROCKET

We will run a free demo with you and one of your clients to demonstrate the value that ROCKET can deliver. You’ll probably pick up your first client in the process!

2. Train your Facilitators

It only takes two days  to become a fully qualified Facilitator. And you will have your hands on one of the most powerful business interventions ever imagined.

3. Build your sales plan

We will support you to make sales with global organizations. From collateral to attending sales meetings. Your success is ours after all!

Start Your New Adventure Today

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Why Your Clients Will Love ROCKET

Results Driven

Investment in teams MUST yields tenable and measurable results. With ROCKET, clients will see their teams transform before their very eyes as they develop the clarity of purpose that supports organizational success.

Experiential = Sticky

Relevant, meaningful activities that both engage people emotionally and connect with what they already know are what help build neural connections and long-term memory storage. We have used experiential learning for millenia so why persist with traditional training methods? ROCKET makes a real impact that will be remembered for good.


You decide if you want to deploy gameplays virtually or in the classroom.

You pick from our standard templates for facilitation to support your organizational objectives. Or, just build your own.

Outstanding Engagement

It is not unusual for players of ROCKET to report that a gameplay is one of the best days training that they have ever had. Stakeholders, players and you will be delighted.

What our Delivery Partners Say

“I found that selling ROCKET is much more profitable than our more usual range of services. I have a very large energy client that is now hard-wiring ROCKET into its leadership programme at every level”.
Michael Hughes
Orbit Engage

It really did feel like a mini-MBA, as I walked away with a comprehensive understanding of how a business is run and how various departments come together to make it a success. I also learned a lot about remote working; a group of strangers transformed into a great team by the end of it, almost as if we had been working together for months before”.
Anam Sethi

“Clients are queuing out the door to try out ROCKET. We’ve found that it largely sells itself and is truly a product for these times”.
Willie Maltman
Future Proof Learning

ROCKET works across ALL Sectors

Experiential Business Simulation Training That Transforms Teams.


Drive brilliant teamwork and understand the context for continuous improvement.

Experiential Business Simulation Training That Transforms Teams.


Accelerate new IT systems adoption and change management by getting buy in right from the start with all the users.

Experiential Business Simulation Training That Transforms Teams.


From de-silo’ing to leadership development, release the latent talent within your organisation. Today.

Experiential Business Simulation Training That Transforms Teams.


Get your team to understand whole-of-system thinking in one session. Integrated performance makes for success.

Experiential Business Simulation Training That Transforms Teams.


The need for greater commercial understanding has never been so important. Upskill in one easy step.

What Delivery Partner’s Clients Say

“The environment and taking you away from your day-to-day role was very worthwhile; it gives you the opportunity to think of the big picture. The ROCKET team were professional and very approachable and friendly”. 

Judith Ackerman
Clients & Industries Lead
Deloitte UK

“As a company that won the Fastest 50 Award last year, there’s not a lot of breathing space for our team to get together and think, and I think we’ve learned the importance of that today”.
Mike Miller
Commercial Director
NBT Solutions

“ROCKET brings energy and a common understanding to an organisation with diverse roles”.

Mike Douglas
Commercial Director
Age Scotland

“I liked the fact that we were empowered to change how we worked. We should challenge inefficient processes more often and redesign them from the user perspective”.

Scott Strain
Head of Trade Promotion Policy
Trade & Investment Delivery Division

Simple to Implement

The great thing about the ROCKET business simulation platform is that you can adapt it to many different programmes for your clients. You can deliver it online or in the classroom. You set the strategy and you can combine it into your existing e-learning and training sessions. Gameplay is split into multiple rounds which can be split over multiple sessions to suit you if your client prefers. A typical client engagement might look a bit like this….


Ahead of any implementation, you can run through our pre-set meeting agenda to understand the needs of the stakeholders.

What are the global goals of the organization?

What are the specific issues arising within the team?

How are the individuals performing?


Our adaptable modular system for deployment allows you to select:

1. Online vs. Classroom

2. Simulated working environment

3. Language

4. Facilitation Question Pack


Take your client’s team through the most exhillerating learning and development session of their lives.

Ask questions to allow them to innovate, develop brilliant communications, processes and build systems to drive success.

Step by step they will transform the organization from chaotic to great.


During the game, you will identify the issues being raised.

Take these issues, discuss and connect (map) them onto their real world experience.

The final phase is to turn these into issues into actions for the team to implement into their work environment for sticky, organizational excellence.

Some of our Many Happy Clients

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