Charities in Scotland Drive Commercial Success

With economic uncertainty hitting donations and government and council grants being cut, charities are finding it harder to compete. So how can charities thrive?

To achieve a greater reward, greater risk must be undertaken. Do existing management teams have commercial awareness? Do they have the right experience and skill-set to mitigate these risks?

Age Scotland is a leading charity representing older people in Scotland and supporting their rights and interests. Their mission is to inspire, involve and empower older people in Scotland. They hope to influence others, so that we can enjoy better later lives.

Age Scotland is taking up the challenge. Determined to be more commercially focused, they are adopting ROCKET from Games Without Frontiers. This highly adaptable learning platform transforms management teams and teaches commercial awareness within any size of organisation.

The transferable learnings they come away with directly impact the business, thereby transforming a team’s productivity.

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