Preparing for the business of tomorrow requires stronger teams and business empathy. Is your business strong enough? Unleash human potential.


Serious games are new to many. We invite you to learn more about the transformative power of a business simulation.

Join us for a free one-hour Lunch & Learn session to find out how ROCKET can help your business. You will meet Tim Dew, founder of GingrTech, who will talk about the power of ROCKET, guide you through the game and answer any questions.

This live walkthrough can also be tailored to your organization and teams’ needs.


Our immersive business simulation experience is capable of transforming your organization. The platform uses advanced game technology, experiential learning, and behavioral dynamics to build stronger teams and break down silos. ROCKET transforms, educates, and drives success by developing your people.

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Next session: Thursday 30th September

Sessions occur fortnightly on Thursdays at 12 PM GMT via Zoom. If you are not able to attend, please submit your details to arrange alternative dates.

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Every single leadership team should go through this. It genuinely feels unique, it helps businesses to function healthier and be better than competitors.

Debbi Varela


It is an excellent product: thought-provoking, fostering greater collaboration, process improvement and a better understanding of the big picture, and it’s FUN!

Neil Bradbrook

Ahead Business Consulting

I thoroughly enjoyed the demo. It really did feel like a mini-MBA, as I walked away with a comprehensive understanding of how a business is run and how various departments come together to make it a success. I also learned a lot about remote working; a group of strangers transformed into a great team by the end of it, almost as if we had been working together for months before.

Anam Sethi


One day, all learning will be like this.

Martyn Ware

Scottish Qualifications Authority