How To Be The New McDreamy In Business

An abundance of new research has been undertaken looking into the benefits of neuroscience upon leadership training. AGES Neuroleadership is one technique that suggests science can make leadership stick.

How? Well, neuroscientists know how the brain works. Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy proves this. Leaders know how businesses work. But how can learning stay constant? Let’s become surgeons of business. And let Davis’ AGES model take us there.

  1. A = Attention
  2. G = Generation
  3. E = Emotion
  4. S = Spacing

So what does the model suggest we do?

Apparently our attention span can only last a measly 20 minutes. And multitasking is the enemy of learning – so much for it being a talent. More of a hindrance. Our attention is also susceptible to interference. So, when you have a task to do, keep that phone to the side. Or else you’ll end up in a distraction domino.

Our memory retention is also increased when we take time and effort to generate our own knowledge as opposed to rote learning. So, get reading. And then get recalling. Teaching, storytelling and peer work are seen to be good areas of knowledge generation.

Stay Positive! Keeping our emotions in check is also meant to aid creativity, perception and insight. The glass is always half full. And it is not necessarily the level of emotional arousal which is most important, but rather the act of regulating and controlling your emotions which has more weighting.

Spacing the time between our initial and subsequent learning is critical. Breaking up our learning means we grow our memory. So drag it out, don’t cram it out. Naps are said to be a helpful use of spare time. Get that shut eye!

Otherwise, the model informs us that we need to pay attention to attention. What will make us more effective? Are we being distracted? Are we sleeping enough? As the world is changing around us, we need to be aware of how we absorb and process new information. It’s time, effort and focus which will help.

Enable these methods for knowledge retainment and watch your learning stick for ‘ages’.

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