How to Rock the Leaderboard: an Insight into Loic Le Meur

How to Rock the Leaderboard: an Insight into Loic Le Meur

Title Page Photograph: Loic (Lemur) le Meur, interviewed by Richard Branson

Don’t forget to be extraordinary. Loic says so.

It’s a tough ordeal, to be a leader. There are expectations, prying eyes and an assumption that deliverables should be set and met.

You know it can be done.

And you know you can do it.

There isn’t only one trajectory – being a leader is an individual adventure and course of action. Sometimes, it is upon reflection that you look and see that the path you have forged has been one which directs those who follow you. Being a leader is about experience, about failure and about evolution upon the journey to success.

Let’s look at Loic Le Meur:

  • The french entrepreneur.
  • Natural born leader.
  • Founder and CEO of Seesmic, a powerful social media management platform.
  • Water-sport fiend. Ranked 124 on the Hydrofoil Pro Tour.
  • Founder of, the #1 tech event in Europe. He hosts at this gathering of 2000 entrepreneurs.
  • Blogger.
  • Founder of, a platform for speakers and events.
  • Advisor for the World Economic Forum.

The list goes on. So how does he do it, what’s the formula to his success?


Loic, alongside his business ventures, shares his view on Lucid dreaming; whether his 7 day fast has improved his wellness; his iPhone 7. No frills. He discusses the features that make a good speaker – writing everyday is one.

His reflection on ‘how to think like a start-up’ tells us of application, how to strip-back thinking and go back to the start. His blog pieces give a refreshing perspective on life and work, business and pleasure.

Leadership to Loic is about doing and sharing. He has expertise and wants to share it. He wants to help and enable future leaders by creating platforms in which they can excel.

His passion for extreme water sports make evident his temperment to go above and beyond the limits of restriction. Everyone has a line, a point at which they don’t want to pass or don’t feel they can. By breaking his own safety barrier he sets the example for those to follow. He appreciates that he doesn’t and can’t do it himself either. His community is a platform of shared advice and honest conversation. Meditation? Diversity? Fear? Funding? All covered.

Do what you love and share what you do. Keep being extraordinary. Loic says.

Check out Loic’s tips on communities. Sharing is caring after all.

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