Is Investing in Digital Transformational Change the Right Course for your Business?

Culture. What does it mean? Why do some companies ‘have it’ and others don’t? What does this mean for Digital Transformation?

Should we be worried that millennials flit between jobs, never settle down and are always looking for something better? I watched a fantastic video the other day (yes, you’ve probably seen it already) of Simon Sinek: Millennials in the workplace. I’m considered a millennial so could relate to it, probably more than I should admit! He points out that we all suffer from a constant information overload and he argues that the younger generation is subsequently at risk of developing an inability to truly connect with other people. Nowadays when young people have a problem, instead of seeking advice and wisdom from family and friends, they are turning to their phones.

How often have you started a new job or a new role in your company and been sat down in front of a screen within the first hour of arriving? In my first year of university I did an internship where for the whole first week the woman sitting next to me didn’t acknowledge my presence (no joke!). In hindsight, yes, I should have introduced myself, but back then I was a shy teenager who assumed this was normal office etiquette.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is great, but if we’re using a screen as a shield and a phone as a comfort blanket, we’re doing it wrong.

In our view, the companies which succeed are the ones that place people above everything else. They prioritise discussion and understand the importance of stepping away from your desk for regular social events. They encourage employees to be themselves and think independently, which encourages and nourishes innovation and creativity.

Perhaps we’ve reached a tipping point with technology; one where companies realise that pouring money into new digital transformation programmes isn’t necessarily the correct way to drive change and, ultimately, to make more money. Instead, we could prioritise people. Make sure your employees are happy and their values are aligned with the whole company’s values. Allow them to feel they are contributing to a greater purpose. Invest in them and watch them flourish.

They are the future, the ones to take over from current owners and MDs. Surely we want them to be better at it, be even more successful, just as you would your own children?

OUR VALUES (you can find these on our homepage too)

We do FUN.
We don’t walk past.
We don’t accept OK.
We put a little bit of magic into everything we do.
We are creative and open-minded.
We are optimists and positive thinkers.
We treat our clients as family.
We put our family and health first.
We entertain, educate and enlighten.

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