Putting People at the Heart of Transformation

Putting People at the Heart of Business Transformation

Last year, Tim Dew gave the keynote speech at an HR leader’s conference in Scotland.  The subject was ‘Putting People at the Heart of Business Transformation’.

We all know that the people side is the most difficult part of any business change.  This speech will give you some ideas on how to deal with this in YOUR next transformation!

In the speech, Tim explains how experiential learning and change makes all the difference.  Death by PowerPoint, passive videos, blogs and so on all have their place (heck, you’re reading this!), but learning by doing is by far more impactful.  For Business Transformation to be successful, it must be PULLED by those who will be involved and impacted.  Certainly it should not just be pushed by those driving the change.

At Games Without Frontiers, we strongly believe that for people to accept a change, they must believe it was their idea all along.  How better to do this than to let people experience a change in a safe simulated environment, understand the impact and what it means to them, and adapt to that change by modifying their own behaviour.

If you’re having problems with the video – here’s the link to YouTube.

Tim Dew is the founder of Games Without Frontiers and inventor of the ROCKET business simulation.

If you would like to know more about ROCKET, or request a demonstration for your business, please get in touch!

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