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Getting workforces to change their everyday decision-making and setting the tone for peer accountability is key to achieving sustainability commitments.

Is your organization ready?

What is ROCKET Go Green?

ROCKET Go Green is an experiential business simulation game that addresses environmental needs within organizations to connect everyday decision-making with the sustainability of both your organization and the planet.

Played virtually or in a classroom, participants learn and improve business skills by running a virtual business in a realistic and interactive platform. The game presents real-world business scenarios to accelerate resilience and develop problem-solving abilities.

This ideal addition to training materials allows organizations to offer in-person and remote team building activities designed to develop new skills and change mindsets. In the game, teams will need to optimize a simulated business that is wasteful and has a negative CO2 impact to become a sustainable organization; all whilst staying in business and profit.

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How it works

ROCKET Go Green is a business simulation game that generates ideas that stick. The platform uses simulation technology, behavioral dynamics, and experiential learning techniques to train users and change mindsets.

What are business simulation games?

Business simulations or serious games apply gaming technologies into business environments to virtually recreate organizations. Using experiential learning and behavioral techniques, users learn and improve their skills in an immersive and engaging way.

Experience is a powerful way to learn

Experiential learning has been proven to improve thinking skills and creating deep and lasting connections.

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them




Protecting the environment and the health of local communities


Saving on operational costs and mitigating against future energy use, leading to a higher ROI


Improving the reputation of a brand by aligning with consumer values


Strengthening business resilience and avoiding green penalties with sustainable practices


Attracting green investment and funding options


In a business environment, a sustainable organization is one that is carbon neutral or climate positive. This means having a minimal or no negative impact on the environment, balancing any CO2 released into the atmosphere with an equivalent amount removed, or a positive impact, going beyond being a net-zero organization by removing additional CO2 from the atmosphere. Ecosystem simulator games are an ideal tool to virtually simulate the challenges a business has to face when becoming more sustainable.

Sustainability fosters the longevity of an organization by considering the environmental and social-economic effects of a business. Aside from protecting the environment, it strengthens business resilience by complying with greener legislation and avoiding penalties. Additionally, a company that recognizes the need to act on sustainability, is capable to improve brand reputation by aligning with consumers’ values, attract green investment and funding options, and save on operational costs. Business simulations and games about the environment allow us to achieve green commitments and make a business more profitable.

Improving the environmental performance of a business maximizes profitability. Good practices reduce business costs as they allow businesses to cut on energy, water, materials, packaging, and other resources. Although initial costs can be high, numerous case studies show significant savings in operational costs, whether by saving energy, reusing materials and resources, or optimizing the efficiency of workspaces. Becoming green is a profitable long-term investment, and sustainable learning is key to do so.

Business simulation games allow educating users by showing them the impact that their actions can have. Serious games contribute to transforming workforces thanks to experiential learning techniques and the recreation of real-world business scenarios, allowing users to learn by doing and resulting in a higher player engagement and emotional involvement. With the need to become sustainable strengthening to comply with greener legislation and align with consumer values, eco games are an ideal tool to create sustainable-driven workforces.

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