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Simulation Games

Simulation Games are a breakthrough technology for learning and transformation.

Technological advances in game design, behavioral dynamics and information technology have enabled the development of simulation games that can now drive large scale organizational outcomes.

Your biggest overhead is your workforce; Unlocking even the smallest amount of innovation, problem-solving and communication can have a hugely positive effect on your organization.

We built ROCKET to achieve this goal…

What is ROCKET?

ROCKET is a highly adaptable, people focussed business gaming platform that allows you to drive your organizational goals. 

In the safety of a simulated environment it allows 5-15 participants to work together to solve the sort of complexities that crop up in everyday work, irrespective of size or industry type.

We believe that Serious Games should be available to everyone without the need for huge bespokation costs. Our flexible platform design allows you to rapidly develop facilitation to address your organizational goals.

This keeps costs down and options open for large programmes of change, learning, assessment and development.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

Award Winning

“ROCKET is everything I would expect from a mini MBA but so practical”.

Harriet Derrick, The Law Society of Scotland

Total Engagement

ROCKET is a team game. Up to 15 people online or in-room are tasked with running and optimising a complete business in only a few short hours. Only there’s a couple of problems: They are given a business that is already struggling AND there is no rule book to improve it.

After a short time to introduce one another and basic training, participants are split into departments and the simulation begins.

26 weeks in 26 minutes


There’s no time to stop, the clock is ticking. Players must get to the heart of the problems presented to them and quickly. This is the time to act!


Learning only truly happens when we stop. Analyse. Agree priorities. Rewire the business. Rewire you.


In 3 rounds of the game, the team will successfully mature the organisation from chaos to fully optimised.

Simple Implementation

  • Identify Needs

    What are the global goals of the organization?

    What are the specific issues arising within the team?

    How are the individuals performing?

  • Select and adapt

    You choose what’s best for your organization:

    1. Online vs. Classroom
    2. Language
    3. Facilitation Question Pack

  • Play!

    We will take your teams through the most exhillerating learning and development session of their lives. We will ask the questions to allow them to innovate, develop brilliant communications, processes and build the systems to drive success.

    Through their own discussions, they build the know how to solve complexity by advancing communications, process re-engineering and automate systems.

  • Embed

    During the game, you will identify the issues being raised.

    Take these issues, discuss and connect them into their real world experience.

    This phase turns these issues into meaningful actions for the team to implement into their work environment for sticky organizational excellence.

SAAS means easy deployment


The beauty of simulations is that it provides a safe enviroment where people can relax and have fun. It is under these conditions that real innovation is generated.


ROCKET is designed to capture real-life problems that happen in every organisation. Like the layers of an onion, once you have discovered one problem, you are on to another.


This isn’t a board games or fancy spreadsheet, this sucks you into a vortex of involvement that you are unlikely to have experienced in any games before. Time flies when you’re having fun!

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Why Our Clients Love ROCKET

Results Driven

Investment in teams MUST yields tenable and measurable results. With ROCKET, clients see their teams transform before their very eyes as they develop the clarity of purpose that supports organizational success.

Experiential = Sticky

Relevant, meaningful activities that both engage people emotionally and connect with what they already know are what help build neural connections and long-term memory storage. We have used experiential learning for millenia so why persist with traditional training methods? ROCKET makes a real impact that will remembered be for good.


You decide if you want to deploy gameplays virtually or in the classroom.

You pick from our standard templates for facilitation to support your organizational objectives. Or, you can build your own.

Outstanding Engagement

It is not unusual for players of ROCKET to report that a gameplay is one of the best days training that they have ever had. Stakeholders, participants and you will be delighted.

What are people saying?

“Today I experienced a genuinely highlight of my week when I was invited to participate in a game simulation of being part of a business except 26 weeks was crammed into 26 minutes.

As someone who loves games and the art of play, I think what Tim Dew and the team has created is a truly excellent experience.

If you are embarking on a transformation programme and you want to give a team a “sample” of what they can put people through when their world changes then give this a go.

Well done!!!”

Jonathan Parnaby
The Transformation Office

ROCKET works across ALL Sectors

Experiential Business Simulation Training That Transforms Teams.


Drive brilliant teamwork and understand the context for continuous improvement.

Experiential Business Simulation Training That Transforms Teams.


Accelerate new IT systems adoption and change management by getting buy in right from the start with all the users.

Experiential Business Simulation Training That Transforms Teams.


From de-silo’ing to leadership development, release the latent talent within your organisation. Today.

Experiential Business Simulation Training That Transforms Teams.


Get your team to understand whole-of-system thinking in one session. Integrated performance makes for success.

Experiential Business Simulation Training That Transforms Teams.


The need for greater commercial understanding has never been so important. Upskill in one easy step.

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