Service Level Agreement (SLA)

1. Server availability Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This SLA is designed to ensure that Rocket meets the needs of its Customers and it outlines what levels of service can be expected.

Service LineSLAKPI (%)
System AvailabilityTo be made available to members 24/799
Support HoursRocket will respond within defined service levels (see below)99
Technical SupportAvailable 9.00am – 5.00pm UK LONDON99

2. Incident Resolution Targets

Severity DescriptionResponseResolution
Unplanned outage impacting multiple Customers1hrWithin 1 working day
Outage / severe disruption to service for individual Customer2hrsWithin 2 working days
Reduced functionally causing disruption to business4hrsWithin 3 working days
Non urgent / reduced functionality with low impact8hrsWithin 5 working days
On Demand Professional services requests for installations etc.8hrsAs agreed with customer

Rocket shall use reasonable endeavours to provide the helpdesk support services in accordance with these Service Levels and Response Times. These Response times refer only to the time within which Rocket shall respond to a helpdesk support request. Rocket gives no guarantee as to the time any given issue may take to resolve save that it hereby undertakes to use reasonable endeavours to resolve issues as quickly as is reasonably possible within the target resolution times specified in the table above.

3. Support provided under this Agreement shall include:

(a) Help Desk Facilities

In help desk matters, Games Without Frontiers Limited will appoint a dedicated account manager who will be the first and primary point of contact for all communications.

For software issues, the Customer can email [email protected] to contact the Rocket Help Desk which is available during normal business hours (Contracted Hours)

The Customer Contact must submit sufficient material and information to enable Rocket support staff to duplicate the problem. A support technician will be assigned and will attempt to solve a problem immediately, or as soon thereafter as possible. When appropriate, the support technician will give an estimate of how long it will take to resolve. The technician will do their best to keep the Customer advised on the progress of problem resolution.

(b) The help desk includes an on-line Support facility: The Customer shall ensure the availability at its expense of compatible Local Equipment including software, hardware, communications infrastructure and provide adequate broadband facilities for on-line problem resolution. Rocket will work with the Customer’s hardware supplier where necessary to ensure that remote support facilities are setup according to requirements. The help desk is strictly not a training facility. Its objective is to troubleshoot and resolve Software Operational Issues.

(c) The help desk is not a hardware or Local Equipment IT support facility. Rocket does not support or warrant your Local Equipment, or any other system or service that you subscribe to. Its sole purpose is to support the Rocket Software only. Anything else is strictly the Customer’s responsibility.

(d) Additional Service Levels: additional service levels shall be as follows:

(i) Rocket will maintain a help desk staffed by skilled, trained professionals.

(ii) The help desk is equipped with a purpose designed management system that allows Customer/User calls to be logged, tracked, traced and reported.

(iii) All requests are logged and prioritised, against this priority Rocket will respond to Customer/User requests.

(iv) During “Contracted hours”, Rocket will log all Customer/User calls to the Helpdesk.

(v) “Contracted hours” are Monday to Friday- 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday UK Time.

A restricted service is provided on public holidays.Help Desk Procedures:

Answer the support case, received via email:

  • Update the Case database
  • Agree case priority
  • Give the user a case reference if necessary

Take action on the case:

  • Confirm that this is an Rocket problem
  • Interrogate the Help Desk database
  • Use reasonable endeavours to resolve problem reported by Customer/a User
  • Report to Customer if problem cannot be resolved
  • Pass to a third party if not an Rocket problem
  • Inform Customer of progress

Close the case:

  • Inform Customer of resolution
  • Update the Help Desk System Database
  • Performance Analysis / reporting
  • Review/Update the Help Desk Database
  • Review Service Level

(e) Correction of critical errors or assistance to overcome problems:

(i) Rocket may, at its sole discretion, correct errors by “patch” or by version update.

(ii) It may also provide Information on availability of new versions of Licensed Software and Local Equipment.

(iii) It may provide Consultancy advice (chargeable at agreed rates may apply where appropriate) on Software development, enhancements and modifications, together with estimates for the same.

(iv) Provide Installations and Re-installations of Rocket as are required and reasonable to support use of Rocket software on existing or new/replacement Local Equipment.