The Secrets To Creating Motivation And Innovation In Your Team

Pay rise?

Performance bonus?

Put £200 behind the bar on a night out?


I would argue, however, that these are ‘skin deep’ motivators.

The ideal situation for an employer would surely be a team member that is self-motivated, one that wants to make a positive impact and feels empowered to do so. To have a purpose. From that, can come innovation.

Environment is key: no, not the Al Gore kind of environment (although that’s pretty key too) and nor do I mean a smart office with a comfy chair and great coffee. This is where personality comes in to play.

Although reduced in importance by Colin’s post about: “The one thing an HR Director needs to know in 2018“, the DISC behaviour assessment tool (Walter Vernon Clarke, 1956) is a quick way of broadly determining personality types, fears and goals thereof.

In a nutshell:

  • D – dominant (outgoing & task oriented)
    • Fears being taken advantage of or appearing weak.
    • Goals are bottom line results and victory
  • I – inspiring (outgoing & people oriented)
    • Fears rejection and not being heard
    • Goals are popularity, excitement and approval
  • S – supporting (reserved & people oriented)
    • Fears letting people down and rapid change
    • Goals are stability and harmony
  • C – cautious (reserved & task oriented)
    • Fears being wrong and strong displays of emotion
    • Goals are accuracy and objective processes

Of course it is also likely that we are a mix, to a greater or lesser degree, of two or more of these categories.

Personally, I am mostly S with a bit of C thrown in. Give me a list that I can tick off as I go, say ‘yep, good job’ now and again and it’s all good. If you can also provide an environment that is supportive I will feel confident enough to stick my neck out and sometimes make mistakes. Innovation does not come from playing safe.

Creating the ideal environment for each individual team member is not always feasible. However, it is possible for managers to recognise personality types and play to their strengths. The team benefits as does the wider business; the motivation of individuals directly impacts process flow and opportunity for innovation.

I am a great believer in the creation of opportunity for innovation in a business. What are your thoughts on innovation in the workplace?

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