Where To Find The Greatest Motivators

Does anyone actually find these so-called “motivational pictures”, well, a motivator?

Last week I mentioned Dan Pink (and what motivates us) and then I wondered where you can find great examples of businesses like this. A good a place as any to start was job website Glassdoor’s award for the 50 UK Best Places to Work in 2018.

Commenting on the awards, Patrick Woodman, head of research for the Chartered Management Institute, said the “…best companies to work for knew how to motivate their workforce“.

He continued, “Glassdoor’s top 50 show what the best companies to work for do well to motivate employees, creating inclusive cultures, providing development opportunities and career progression, and building a sense of purpose. Happier and more engaged employees are ultimately more productive so this is about business performance not just employee satisfaction. Any manager looking to improve their organisation’s performance would do well to learn from these examples.

Here are 3 from the top 10 and a selection of cultural behaviours that appeal to me:

  1. Google – alongside perks and benefits such as onsite bike repairs, car wash, oil change and hairdresser, Google provides 12 to 18 weeks maternity and paternity leave and support for pre and post adoptive parents. What caught my eye was their approach to encouraging creativity through autonomy (20% of an employee’s time is given over to doing whatever they like providing it is legal / moral – sleeping is OK!) and developing ownership by allowing employees to select the projects they work on.  What’s more of a motivator than working on what you love to do?
  2. Bromford – one of their 4 strands of DNA is that employees are encouraged to Be Different; to stand out from the crowd. Different ideas, views and experiences feed creativity and bring solutions. Their mantra to colleagues is ‘add a bit of you in everything you do’. Whilst  serious about what they do, they have fun doing it. Another strand is to “Be Brave”; to try new things, be adventurous, creative and open-minded. It’s OK to make mistakes (that is, after all, how lessons are learned), and move on.
  3. Salesforce – builds its culture around the spirit of Ohana, which means “family” in Hawaiian.The Salesforce Ohana is a close-knit ecosystem of employees, customers, partners and communities. If you are a Lilo & Stitch fan and need a little saccharine boost click here 🙂

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