Introducing ROCKET Go Green

ROCKET Go Green is an experiential business simulation game that addresses environmental needs within organizations to connect everyday decision-making with the sustainability of both an organization and the planet. In the game, teams will need to optimize a simulated business that is wasteful and has a negative CO2 impact to become a net-zero organization; all whilst staying in business and profit.

Logo of ROCKET GO Green, a Sustainability focused game part of the business simulation games ROCKET
Logo of ROCKET, a business simulation game created by GingrTech


ROCKET is our award-winning business simulation game capable of transforming an organization. The game uses advanced game technology, experiential learning, and behavioral dynamics to build stronger teams and break down silos. ROCKET transforms, educates, and drives success by driving inter-departmental cooperation, commercial skills, and transformation. 

Business simulations for your clients

If you are a training company, consultancy with blue-chip clients and you are looking to find out how business simulations and serious games can deliver immense value. Business gaming is set to transform our worlds –  it’s time to jump in.

Business games can accelerate your success

Simulation gaming and business simulations are set to transform the way we think about training. Our unique platform allows you to integrate into your organizational development plans quickly and easily.


Every single leadership team should go through this. It genuinely feels unique, it helps businesses to function healthier and be better than competitors.

Debbi Varela


It is an excellent product: thought-provoking, fostering greater collaboration, process improvement and a better understanding of the big picture, and it’s FUN!

Neil Bradbrook

Ahead Business Consulting

I thoroughly enjoyed the demo. It really did feel like a mini-MBA, as I walked away with a comprehensive understanding of how a business is run and how various departments come together to make it a success. I also learned a lot about remote working; a group of strangers transformed into a great team by the end of it, almost as if we had been working together for months before.

Anam Sethi


One day, all learning will be like this.

Martyn Ware

Scottish Qualifications Authority

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