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Transform your organization with our experiential learning games.

Our serious games

Our business simulations recreate businesses using game technology and experiential learning methods. The games present real-world business scenarios to develop problem-solving abilities.

All GingrTech games are built on our award-winning ROCKET platform, a powerful, cost-effective and highly scalable platform with a realistic and interactive interface.

Picture of two computers running business simulations games created by GingrTech
Picture of two computers running business simulations games created by GingrTech

How it works:
Experiential learning

Practice makes perfect.

Experiential learning is the most successful method of driving organizational change, improving thinking skills and creating lasting connections.

The recreation of real-world business scenarios allows users to learn by doing and results in a higher player engagement and emotional involvement.

26 weeks in 26 minutes

We challenge teams to develop the strategies to deliver organizational success in only a few short hours.

The games are designed for groups of up to 15 people and divided into three to four rounds. Each round is 26 minutes and involves the equivalent of  26 weeks of trade. After each round, teams get to reflect and learn from past mistakes to improve their performance in future rounds.

Time's up!

Benefits and applications

Remote and in-person training tools

We provide classroom-based and online business training.

Leadership development and team building activities

Transform your organization by switching on workforces.

Accelerate success and business resilience

Orientate workforces to the fundamentals of working in a business in a safe space.

Dedicated assistance to achieve business goals

We offer tailored solutions to tackle specific challenges within your business.

and many more

Our games and facilitations can be adapted to any business needs.

Deployment options


Direct gaming

GingrTech will deliver games for you. We will coordinate with your organization's stakeholders to understand your goals — global, team and individual. GingrTech will ensure the facilitation is tailored to your needs to meet your expectations.


You can have a team of facilitators trained in the delivery of the game within your organization. We offer a two-day training program.

Delivery Partner

Become a delivery partner in your local market and expand your services, win more clients and generate more revenue with our business simulations.


Customized business simulations

Didn't find the right game for you? Contact us to request a customized business simulation game.

Picture of expressive faces for the customized business simulations option of GingrTech.

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