Who we are and what we believe



We break new ground, with products fully backed up by scientific evidence.

Health & Family First

If you become one of our team you will learn that we really mean this.


From being invited to social gatherings, to being there, come what may.


Business can be serious, it’s important to us that we and you, have fun.

Responsible & Sustainable

Like you, we want to work with ethical and considerate people / businesses.


We will add a little piece of magic in everything we do.


Tim Dew

Tim Dew


Tim is the founder of GingrTech. As the inventor of ROCKET. his mind is always on the bigger picture and he certainly likes to challenge the status quo. It’s never ‘dull’ when he’s around, read into that what you will!

Nadine Pierce

Nadine Pierce

Mission Control

Nadine is our bonne-viveuse and sits right at the heart of things. ‘Getting stuff done’ is her MO and she brings the quirky to the table (ask her about her wedding!!!). When not manning mission control she can be found out in the hills with her cocker spaniels or making candles.

Wendy Zwart

Wendy Zwart

Business Manager

Our resident Netherlander, Wendy looks after all things financial and administrative. Trying to keep the entire team on the straight and narrow is a challenge she has accepted and is (mostly) winning! She’s also a keen gardener and lover of the great outdoors.

Allan Campbell

Allan Campbell

Operations and Commercial

Allan has a penchant for zoom ‘accoutrements’ and when he’s not sporting strange facial additions, heads up the operational side of things. He keeps everything together so we’re gliding through on well-oiled wheels. He also has a taste for a potent cocktail come the weekend.

David Sheehy

David Sheehy

Techno Wizard

Hailing from the Emerald Isle, David is our technical whizz who looks after all things developmental-wise, needless to say he’s a very busy bunny! When he’s not chasing down technical rabbit holes he enjoys nothing better than some good rugby lubricated with some of Ireland’s finest black stuff.

Sonja Dahl

Sonja Dahl

Head of Design

Innovation and design within large learning programmes is where Sonja works her magic, She sees the bigger picture and works out how we’re going to get there one step at a time. We get two for the price of one with her as Maple, her gorgeous Hungarian Vizsla is never far away!



“This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again.”

Alexander McCall Smith

We are a fully remote working organization.

Our registered office:

Mount Parnassus
EH14 6AS

+44 131 210 0201