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Become a sustainable business by connecting decision-making with the sustainability of your organization in this engaging business simulation environment.

Picture of a globe with the slogan 'green looks good on you' to represent the power of sustainability training and ESG simulations.

ESG sustainability training

GoGreen.Inc is an experiential business simulation that addresses environmental needs within organizations to connect everyday decision-making with the sustainability of both an organization and the planet.

Split into different departments and roles, teams need to optimize a wasteful business that has a negative CO2 impact to become a sustainable organization; all whilst staying in business and profit.
Played virtually or in a classroom, participants learn and improve business skills by running a virtual business in a realistic and interactive platform.
Pictures of the ESG sustainability simulation game GoGreen.Inc and how it looks.
Pictures of the ESG sustainability simulation game GoGreen.Inc and how it looks.

26 weeks in 26 minutes

We challenge teams to develop the strategies to deliver organizational success in only a few short hours.

The games are designed for groups of up to 15 people and divided into three to four rounds. Each round is 26 minutes and involves the equivalent of  26 weeks of trade. After each round, teams get to reflect and learn from past mistakes to improve their performance in future rounds.

Time's up!

How it works:
Experiential learning

Practice makes perfect.

Experiential learning is the most successful method of driving organizational change, improving thinking skills and creating lasting connections.

The recreation of real-world business scenarios allows users to learn by doing and results in a higher player engagement and emotional involvement.



Protecting the environment and the health of local communities.


Saving on operational costs and mitigating against future energy use, leading to a higher ROI.


Improving the reputation of a brand by aligning with consumer values.


Strengthening business resilience and avoiding green penalties with sustainable practices.


Attracting green investment and funding options.

Learning outcomes

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In a business environment, a sustainable organization is one that is carbon neutral or climate positive. This means having a minimal or no negative impact on the environment, balancing any CO2 released into the atmosphere with an equivalent amount removed, or a positive impact, going beyond being a net-zero organization by removing additional CO2 from the atmosphere. Ecosystem simulator games are an ideal tool to virtually simulate the challenges a business has to face when becoming more sustainable.

Sustainability fosters the longevity of an organization by considering the environmental and social-economic effects of a business. Aside from protecting the environment, it strengthens business resilience by complying with greener legislation and avoiding penalties. Additionally, a company that recognizes the need to act on sustainability, is capable to improve brand reputation by aligning with consumers’ values, attract green investment and funding options, and save on operational costs. Business simulations and games about the environment allow us to achieve green commitments and make a business more profitable.

Improving the environmental performance of a business maximizes profitability. Good practices reduce business costs as they allow businesses to cut on energy, water, materials, packaging, and other resources. Although initial costs can be high, numerous case studies show significant savings in operational costs, whether by saving energy, reusing materials and resources, or optimizing the efficiency of workspaces. Becoming green is a profitable long-term investment, and sustainable learning is key to do so.

Business simulation games allow educating users by showing them the impact that their actions can have. Serious games contribute to transforming workforces thanks to experiential learning techniques and the recreation of real-world business scenarios, allowing users to learn by doing and resulting in a higher player engagement and emotional involvement. With the need to become sustainable strengthening to comply with greener legislation and align with consumer values, eco games are an ideal tool to create sustainable-driven workforces.

ESG is short for “Environmental, Social and Governance”. These three factors are a way to evaluate the sustainability and responsibility of a business. Many investors and brands consider these three categories to evaluate the potential profitability, risk, and opportunity of a business.

Within each ESG category, there are various related concerns. The “environmental” category includes sustainability concerns such as pollution, waste, and climate change. The “social” category takes into consideration the values and mission of a brand and its consideration of people, including gender and diversity inclusion, data protection, and customer satisfaction. “Governance” refers to the governance factors and logistics of decision-making, such as policymaking, board of directors, and hiring and onboarding practices. 

Deployment options


Direct gaming

GingrTech will deliver games for you. We will coordinate with your organization's stakeholders to understand your goals — global, team and individual. GingrTech will ensure the facilitation is tailored to your needs to meet your expectations.


You can have a team of facilitators trained in the delivery of the game within your organization. We offer a two-day training program.

Delivery Partner

Become a delivery partner in your local market and expand your services, win more clients and generate more revenue with our business simulations.


What our clients say

Martyn Ware

Scottish Qualifications Authority

One day, all learning will be like this

Debbi Varela


Every single leadership team should go through this. It genuinely feels unique, it helps businesses to function healthier and be better than competitors.

Neil Bradbrook

Ahead Business Consulting

It is an excellent product: thought-provoking, fostering greater collaboration, process improvement and a better understanding of the big picture, and it’s FUN!

Anam Sethi


It really did feel like a mini-MBA, as I walked away with a comprehensive understanding of how a business is run and how various departments come together to make it a success. I also learned a lot about remote working; a group of strangers transformed into a great team by the end of it, almost as if we had been working together for months before.


Become a green business

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