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The ultimate business simulation for executive leadership training.

C-Suite executive training business simulations

Boardroom.Inc is an executive training business simulation that is designed to improve the performance of C-Suites.

C-Suites will be put to the test. The simulation presents real-world business scenarios to address leadership performance, succession, ambiguity, corporate risk, and the importance of whole-of-system decision-making. Unlike traditional C-Suite executive training our business simulation lets you see the impact of decisions in real scenarios helping you find the processes that work in a safe environment where failure is encouraged as part of a valuable learning experience.
Participants will have to build the governance around improvements, make profit, and create an organization that is agile and, hence, able to react to changing marketplace conditions. Boardroom.Inc is an online C-Suite training simulation that can be delivered anywhere in the UK or in the classroom.


Duration: 1 day

Participants: up to 15 people

Rounds: three rounds 

Delivery method: virtual or classroom

"This is probably one of the best training tools I have ever seen."

"I watched the delegates learn invaluable lessons in business and teamwork. A fascinating day."

"I gathered a number of insights into my team that I was able to action immediately. Highly recommended."

"The team loved it and thought it was one of the best workshops we've ever been a part of."

Solutions and outcomes

Tackling C-Suite challenges with executive training

Our online C-Suite training simulation allows executive teams to learn by doing rather than being told what to do. With real-world scenarios your leadership team can gain the skills they need and put them into practice and see the results in a completely safe environment. Read more about our C-Suite executive and leadership training simulations below.

About Boardroom.Inc

Deployment options


Direct gaming

GingrTech will deliver games for you. We will coordinate with your organization's stakeholders to understand your goals — global, team and individual. GingrTech will ensure the facilitation is tailored to your needs to meet your expectations.


You can have a team of facilitators trained in the delivery of the game within your organization. We offer a two-day training program.

Delivery Partner

Become a delivery partner in your local market and expand your services, win more clients and generate more revenue with our business simulations.


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