We provide serious games that tackle industry specific challenges.

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Our serious games

Our business simulations recreate businesses using game technology and experiential learning methods. The games present real-world business scenarios to develop problem-solving abilities.

All GingrTech games are built on our award-winning ROCKET platform, a powerful, cost-effective and highly scalable platform with a realistic and interactive interface.

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Our business simulations are modeled to tackle industry-specific challenges and improve business performance.
Our industry simulations include the following industries, and their facilitation can be tailored for your organization.

Consumer Packaged Goods



Professional Services

Financial Services




Public Services


Corporate training options


Direct gaming

GingrTech will deliver games for you. We will coordinate with your organization's stakeholders to understand your goals — global, team and individual. GingrTech will ensure the facilitation is tailored to your needs to meet your expectations.


You can have a team of facilitators trained in the delivery of the game within your organization. We offer a two-day training program.

Delivery Partner

Become a delivery partner in your local market and expand your services, win more clients and generate more revenue with our business simulations.


Customized business simulations

Didn't find the right game for you? Contact us to request a customized business simulation game.

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