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Expand your services, win more clients and generate more revenue with our business simulation games.
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The serious games market

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The serious games market is set to be a global phenomenon and is predicted to grow to $25 Billion by 2024.

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For learning professionals looking to expand their training portfolio, integrating our business simulations will separate your company from the madding crowd.
Win new clients, stand out against competition, and demonstrate to existing clients that you are at the cutting edge of transformation and learning.


Unique selling proposition

Bring a different value proposition to your clients and set yourself apart from competitors.

Increase income and margins

Our wholesale pricing model allows for an 80% margin. Charge per game or integrate our games into your programme pricing.

Sub-licensing options

Your larger clients can roll out the games themselves with our sub-licensing options.

End-to-end value proposition

Understand client issues with our games, map these issues into the real world and offer immediate improvements.

Build revenues

Our games identify needs within organizations, allowing you to upsell more services.

Win new clients

Have a sale guaranteed. Teams that play our games, buy our games.

Adaptable platforms

Transform, educate and drive success. Our platform is designed to drive your client's outcomes.

Fast delivery

Unlike many competitors, you can be delivering our corporate online games within days.

How to become a delivery partner


Experience our games

Attend a free demo. You can attend with a client to demonstrate the value that our games can deliver.

Train your facilitators

It only takes two days to become a facilitator.

Build your sales plan

We will support you with collateral and meetings to make sales with global organizations.


Our learning games

Our experiential business learning games use advanced game technology, experiential learning, and behavioral dynamics to increase retention and create lasting connections. We recreate common organizational challenges like departmental silos, sustainability, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Featured games


Connect everyday decision-making with the sustainability of your organization and the planet.


Build stronger teams, drive leadership and break down silos through an engaging team building game.

Experiential learning

Practice makes perfect.

Experiential learning is the most successful method of driving organizational change, improving thinking skills and creating lasting connections.

The recreation of real-world business scenarios allows users to learn by doing and results in a higher player engagement and emotional involvement.

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them


What our delivery partners say

Michael Hughes

Orbit Engage

“I found that selling GingrTech games is much more profitable than our more usual range of services. I have a very large energy client that is now hard-wiring the ROCKET platform into its leadership programme at every level.”

Anam Sethi


“It really did feel like a mini-MBA, as I walked away with a comprehensive understanding of how a business is run and how various departments come together to make it a success. I also learned a lot about remote working; a group of strangers transformed into a great team by the end of it, almost as if we had been working together for months before."

Willie Maltman

Future Proof Learning

“Clients are queuing out the door to try out the ROCKET platform. We’ve found that it largely sells itself and is truly a product for these times."


Become a delivery partner

Expand your services, win more clients and generate more revenue with our business simulation games.