Business Sustainability: What We Can Achieve Now

Green is trendy, but not only as a color. With the need to become a sustainable business continuing to increase, it is becoming more important to act and demonstrate green actions. As we have previously explored, sustainability in business has real profitable benefits aside from helping the planet. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) …


Sustainability Training: The 5 Benefits of a Sustainable Business

Sustainability has become a true necessity in the business world, as climate change continues to affect the planet and influence our daily lives. The main benefit of becoming a sustainable business is crystal clear: helping the planet. However, sustainable development is as ethical as profitable, as research has proven how sustainability in business has real …


Effective Leadership: The Difference Between Responsibility and Accountability

The most effective leaders provide direction and inspiration in order to nurture and build stronger teams, but that’s not all required. Effective leadership requires accountability and responsibility. Although both terms have different meanings, they are often mistaken and considered interchangeable. What is the difference between responsibility and accountability? Responsibility in the workplace Responsibility is, by …


GingrTech secures significant investment from Spence & Co.

GingrTech, serious games specialist and developer of the business simulation game ROCKET, is delighted to announce a significant investment from Spence & Co. The recent funding will go towards the company’s growth and the development of other breakthrough business simulation platforms, one of which is to be announced in the coming weeks. GingrTech business simulation …


Spot the Difference: Learning Games Terminology

Games have been with us for centuries and, as they evolve and develop thanks to new technologies, their terminology continues to grow, becoming more and more confusing. As a serious games specialist, we want to help you understand the differences. What are serious games and what is the difference between different gaming terminologies? Let’s play. …


Decision Making: Gate of Acceptance

If you can’t make great decisions in your organisation, there’s not much point in getting out of bed. The quality of your decisions is dependent on the quality of your decision makers and their understanding of the whole of the organisation. Hence, investing properly in training them and hiring your team is essential. There’s no …

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