Announcement: GingrTech Rebranding


We are delighted to announce the launch of the new GingrTech brand identity, which includes a new logo, colors, font, game names, and our all-new website.

GingrTech has grown significantly over the last few years, with the recent addition to our business simulations catalog with the ESG training game GoGreen.Inc. This growth was helped by significant investments made by Spence & Co. and The Oliver Twins, as well as a fast-growing clientele.

With the new brand identity, we want to empower you to understand our work world better. The rebranding focuses on the experience of learning games and the benefits and applications of our business simulations. It humanizes and brings to life the learning through games experience with playful typography, interactive devices, illustrations, and a new and strong color palette.

Simulation training sub-brand

Our new learning game products naming convention leans towards simplicity and clarity: we name games based on user needs and solutions. Based on this, our games, previously called ROCKET and ROCKET Go Green, have been renamed TeamWork.Inc and GoGreen.Inc. To avoid confusion, all our business simulation games are built on our award-winning ROCKET platform.Logo of GingrTech's business simulations TeamWork and GoGreen, team building activities and sustainability training respectively

The learning experience

Our illustration style is a simple and iconic pencil sketch of a face. It allows the brand to focus on its core proposition: learning through doing. This emphasizes people and that their learning experience matters to ensure new learning sticks.

The illustrations create emotional and engaging layouts. They connect us with the learning experience of all users. Additionally, our photography style uses the graphic squares and face illustrations together as a simple and interactive method to bring the brand to life through the game experience. But, most importantly, people’s emotional learning experience.

A big thank you to our Design Consultant Sonja Dahl, who commissioned and managed design studio Creative Switch and the delivery of the work created by Kath Simpson.

The new brand identity is live now, simultaneously across the GingrTech website, games, social media platforms, and collateral.


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