PR: ROCKET Remote Launch


Games Without Frontiers Introduces New Remote-working ‘ROCKET-remote’ Business Simulation Game

EDINBURGH, May 12, 2020 – Games Without Frontiers (GWOF), developers of award-winning and revolutionary business simulation games, has introduced ROCKET-remote, a brand new remote-working version of the company’s hugely successful ROCKET training platform, but designed to observe social distancing norms.

The latest iteration of the game reintroduces organisations to its popular ‘26-weeks-in-26-minutes’ ROCKET concept but now in a safe environment and while recognising the need for collaboration and business streamlining, both during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Many training companies have recently seen their face-to-face business disappear overnight, but ROCKET-remote enables partners to continue to deliver high-value and impactful instruction while meeting the ongoing need for working remotely and social distancing.

“We’re extremely proud of the speed with which our team has responded to the new normal and developed the ROCKET-remote gaming platform,” said GWOF CEO Tim Dew. “Organisations can now play our ROCKET simulation game in the safety of their respective remote working environments to learn how to optimise their business’s communications and processes. What was originally designed for a live boardroom or classroom can now be actuated seamlessly from multiple locations.”

Facilitated live online, participants in ROCKET-remote are tasked with coming together to run a simulation of a complete organisation and solve increasingly complex business problems with each repeated 26-minute play representing 26 weeks of the calendar.

They must quickly improve how they work together as a team and establish best working practices, continuously reviewing and updating their methods. Like the original ROCKET location-based game play, ROCKET-remote represents real-world business scenarios and accelerates the resolution of people, process and technology issues in real time.

ROCKET-remote is an experiential learning tool and an ideal way for delivery partners, licensees and company point persons to engage stakeholders in this fast-changing business environment. It provides a way to deliver significant training and organisational development value while supporting social distancing and remote working. ROCKET-remote helps organisations to establish great teamwork, drive core business productivity, build commercial awareness, and achieve interpersonal empathy and trust.

“ROCKET-remote is perfect for bringing people together to align culture, consolidate change and drive productivity during these challenging times. Fast-paced and highly engaging, our new game will give rise to meaningful learning that can be actioned in the workplace immediately,” continued Dew.


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